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Coding Literacy Mission

You no longer need to be a programmer to build things on the internet, empowering a new generation of makers from diverse backgrounds and perspectives.With No Code, you can start building small and test ideas rapidly. Even with no technical experience.
No Code is an approach to designing and using applications that doesn’t require any coding or knowledge of programming languages.

COMMUNITY for building SOFTWARE tools & applications without CODE

No-Code Is The Future Of Software

Why to join "No Code" Community ?

It’s easier than ever to build software. Now, in just a few hours, you can create something that used to take specialized skills and countless days. This is all because of the "no code" tools that let you do so much without writing a single line of code. — Hiten Shah

Learn how "No Code" works ?

Learn exactly how No Code works and how to unlock the innovation potential of your business/career.

Differentiate Low Code vs No Code

Get insights into the specific differences between low- and no-code, and no-code for citizen developers

Create Mobile Apps, Websites, AI Algorithms

Discover what types of applications you can make without coding with practicals and online support



#Coding Literacy Mission

Open No Code Community Chapter

No Code Community Student chapter serves as a gateway to forums, panel discussions, webinars and symposia that further a student's professional development.

No-Code Community Chapter is a group of enthusiastic students who exchange ideas, develop apps, games, and interfaces, host and participate in programming events such as hackathons, developing competitions, and ideafest, share information and study materials, and sharpen their skills for the big professional world ahead.

No Code Community Chapter

Can't Code?
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Start building your own software products ( website , blog , apps, games, etc ) with Zero knowledge of coding!
It has never been easier to create software. You can now create something that used to take a specialist and several days in a matter of hours. This is entirely due to the "no code" tools that allow you to accomplish so much without writing a single line of code.

Instead of teaching students to code, we use No-Code to teach them how to build digital products.

Virtual Incubation

The best way to learn a new technology is by building a startup around it. Virtual Incubation helps develop early-stage ideas into viable ventures, teaching individuals how to start, grow, and scale startups

Project-Based Learning

Students learn by actively engaging in real-world and personally meaningful projects

Online classes and webinars

Live knowledge-sharing sessions conducted by industry experts. They cover the latest and trending skills, as well as provide MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) training sessions.

Talking Book

"Habits of Highly Successful Student Startupers." This groundbreaking book reveals the common habits that have led countless student entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into thriving startups.s

SMART Plan Pro Kit

This kit includes powerful tools and techniques that successful people use to prioritize and achieve their goals, while still making time for their loved ones.

No Code Community Chapter

Local chapters in educational institutions to support teachers and students in learning code, offering comprehensive coding curricula, online platforms, and professional development resources.